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About Social Seducement
The Social Seducement project aims to develop the key competences and skills of adults with disadvantages, and in particular those being unemployed, to help them start up a collaborative enterprise.   
Our approach is to set up an educational process which mobilises unknown or hidden capacities via an empowering learning process.
We have done this by:
  • Developing and testing an online role-play platform to discover, enhance and promote entrepreneurial skills
  • Increasing learning retention by immersing learners in realistic scenarios and challenges
  • Enable formal and informal learning that overcome the boundaries of time and place
  • Empower learning in nonconventional methods making it more accessible to marginalised individuals

With Social Seducement we aim to strengthen the cooperation between education and training, work and the social economy, non-profit and voluntary sectors, in an EU dimension, Social Seducement to maximise impact on individuals and our game.  


Download our brochure summarising results here

Introducing Social Seducement

Watch project staff explain what is unique about the project 
The Social Seducement theory of change

We are developing a theory of change for the Social Seducement project to assess and understand the results we are achieving.

We are currently updating this to incorporate latest thinking by project partners and to use the model to develop success indicators.

If you'd like to know more about our theory of change and evlauation work of Social Seducement, do get in touch with our Evaluation Manager David Drabble  ([email protected]). 

Scaling the Social Seducement game
During the project we piloted the game in five EU member states: Belgium, Spain, Italy, Sweden and the UK.

Watch this video to find out how the game could be used in Portugal.

    Tavistock Institute
    The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a social science research, consultancy and training organisation.
  2. Coompanion Gothenburg
    Coompanion Gothenburg Region establishes and franchises social enterprises, offers business advice to cooperatives and proves cooperative consulting
  3. Ecobyte
    ECOBYTE operates in the IT field in all its aspects: system administration and management, network administration, security systems management, integration and applciation development.
    Le Mat
    Le Mat social entrepreneurs work in the general interest of local people and places.
  5. REVES
    REVES is the only European organisiation bringing together local and regional public authorities and social economy in a stable partnership.
  6. UNIR
    UNIR Research works on selected scientific and humanistic fields of study with particular focus on information and communication technologies.

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