Social Seducement events
We will run a number of local and international events.
We will organise regional workshops and seminars in London, Madrid and Perugia to explore innovative tools for inclusive entrepreneurship and introduce the Social Seducement game. More details comings shortly.
We will also run two international events:
  • Inclusive Entrepreneurship through on-line Role Play Game. The experience of Social Seducement (Sweden) in autumn 2016. Programme coming soon!
  • Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City. The experience of Social Seducement, Belgium, Autumn 2017
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Event in Madrid presenting Social Seducement game

Facilitator Training

Between 3rd and 5th of October 2016 we were in Rome training our 15 Social Seducement facilitators.

During this week the group had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the game, experience facilitating online groups and explore topics around social entrepreneurship.

UNIR (Universidad Internacional de la Rioja) is organising a local event is Spain to present the Social Seducement game and discuss about the potential of technological innovation to support social inclusion. 
The Seminar is hosted in the UNIR premises of Madrid (Calle Almansa, 101) on Monday March 6, from 4 to 6.30 pm.

More information and registration

Places available: Conference in March about the role of social economy​​​

The conference taking place on 2nd March and bringing together representatives of local entities promoting social economy, will be highlighting the role of social economy as an indispensable promoter of active citizenship for all. Social Seducment will bring its added value by adding the innovation of the on-line role game play to the scenario of social inclusion from exclusion to empowerment through self-entrepreneurship. Key speeches will be from Reeves, Coompanion, LE MAT, and TIHR which are the partners mostly dealing with marginalisation and strategies to overcome it. Leading exponents of social economy will be sharing what they have learnt with policy makers from governments and agencies across Europe.
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Social Seducement newsletter

In this edition of our newsletter we presented general information about the project and our consortium.

We also offer an overview on the activities conducted during the first year of life of the project, and the results achieved so far.

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