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About Social Seducement
The Social Seducement project aims to develop the key competences and skills of adults with disadvantages, and in particular those being unemployed, to help them start up a collaborative enterprise.   
Our approach is to set up an educational process which mobilises unknown or hidden capacities via an empowering learning process.
We will do this by:
  • Developing and testing an online role-play platform to discover, enhance and promote entrepreneurial skills
  • Increasing learning retention by immersing learners in realistic scenarios and challenges
  • Enable formal and informal learning that overcome the boundaries of time and place
  • Empower learning in nonconventional methods making it more accessible to marginalised individuals

With Social Seducement we aim to strengthen the cooperation between education and training, work and the social economy, non-profit and voluntary sectors, in an EU dimension, Social Seducement to maximise impact on individuals and our game.  


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