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About Social Seducement
The Social Seducement project aims to develop the key competences and skills of adults with disadvantages, and in particular those being unemployed, to help them start up a collaborative enterprise.   
Our approach is to set up an educational process which mobilises unknown or hidden capacities via an empowering learning process.
We will do this by:
  • Developing and testing an online role-play platform to discover, enhance and promote entrepreneurial skills
  • Increasing learning retention by immersing learners in realistic scenarios and challenges
  • Enable formal and informal learning that overcome the boundaries of time and place
  • Empower learning in nonconventional methods making it more accessible to marginalised individuals

With Social Seducement we aim to strengthen the cooperation between education and training, work and the social economy, non-profit and voluntary sectors, in an EU dimension, Social Seducement to maximise impact on individuals and our game.  


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Social Seducement Final Seminar

Promoting Social Economy enterprise creation as a key tool for empowerment and active citizenship: the added value of online (learning) games.

Social economy has gained new momentum nowadays as an alternative way of ‘doing business’, as an opportunity to reap the benefits of developing entrepreneurial activities collectively, of pooling capacities and knowledge, sharing risks etc. Many perceive it (above all) as a ‘new’ tool for employment creation. However, there is much more to it.
Many social economy entrepreneurs see it as an opportunity to take their life (back) into their own hands, to shape their own future together with others, to experience democracy also in economy, to contribute to the strengthening of communities and solidarity, to gain self-confidence and feel co-owner of a project. Obviously, one does not become a social economy entrepreneur from one day to the other.

Some programmes and initiatives providing assistance already exist. However, a majority of training schemes for enterprise creation are often not adapted to the specific characteristics of the social economy and/or do not have appropriate tools to reach out to a diversity of persons.

Which potential could collective online (role play) games or gamified learning have in this context?
Starting from a snapshot of the Belgian context regarding social economy and enterprise creation in the field of social economy, this seminar will present the Social Seducement initiative and one of its main outputs – SocialPlaNet. SocialPlaNet is an online game, which has been designed as a gamified learning platform providing unemployed with an idea of social economy entrepreneurship and an opportunity to simulate the shaping of a social economy ‘business idea’ in a group.

Check out the  DRAFT PROGRAMME and  REGISTER by 12 May 2017!
:SocialPlaNet update
The SocialPlaNet game, developed by the Social Seducement project, is now available and being tested across Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK! The online game, which has been designed as a gamified learning platform, is addressing disadvantaged groups with a special focus on unemployed. Our aim is to train and entertain players supporting them in the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes to create and run successfully a Social Economy Enterprise. The game is available in English,  French, Italian, and Spanish.

If you would like to be involved in the piloting or are interested in knowing more about the game, please contact us at the following email addresses:


Serious gaming for social inclusion

The Spanish Social Seducement national seminar "Serious gaming for social inclusion" took place on March 15, hosted by UNIR in its premises in Madrid. During the seminar, attended by government, higher education institutions and companies' representatives, the aims and objectives of the project were presented, together with key highlights from the SocialPlanet game. The discussion following the presentation was very lively and focused particularly on how the project and its game can contribute to employability, not just with reference to the main target group of the project (the unemployed), but also as concerns students graduating from universities.  

Call for UK-based facilitators

The call is now closed.

Deadline for applications: 9am, 14th July 2016
Social Seducement is getting nearer to the piloting stage and so The Tavistock Institute for Human Relations (TIHR) is seeking three facilitators to lead the piloting of the new, serious online Role-playing game (RPG) in the UK between November 2016 and May 2017.  Successful applicants will be:

* Skilled facilitators, enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to the development of an innovative training tool which aims to empower people to develop social enterprise and employability skills;

* Experienced in supporting the development of social enterprise skills and/or at working with ‘disadvantaged’ groups.

At a time of change in the UK’s position within the EU, this is a chance to be part of an ongoing European partnership, which is working together to develop and provide engaging, learning opportunities for people wanting to find or create their own employment. Facilitators will be able to use the RPG in their future work with people and join an EU-wide facilitators’ network.   

To find out more about the role and how to apply, please click on the links below:

Facilitators' recruitment questionnaire
Facilitator competence portfolio
Call for facilitators
Storyboard poster for game
Draft game demo
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